A Guide to Best Practice for Watching Marine Wildlife

This Guide is designed for those actively watching marine wildlife. It is intended to complement The Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code. The first section addresses the nature of “disturbance” and what it means in practice. The second section offers guidance on wildlife watching by major species groups: cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises), basking sharks, seals, birds, otters and turtles. For each species group the status of some key species in Scotland is summarised; the kinds of disturbance that can occur and implications for the animals’ welfare are discussed; signs of stress or agitation are described; and sensitive times and places identified. Practical guidance is then offered on how to behave responsibly, in rather more detail than that provided in the Code itself. It also highlights the law as it applies to each group.

Click here to download a copy of A Guide to Best Practice for Watching Marine Wildlife.

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