The Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code

This Code is designed for those actively watching marine wildlife. It is important that the Code is followed as far as is practical and feasible by those setting out to watch marine wildlife, as well as by anyone encountering marine wildlife in the course of their work or leisure pursuits.

Watching marine wildlife is exciting. It makes us more aware and increases our understanding and enjoyment of the marine environment. It is also increasingly important for tourism and the economy.

Some people now make their living taking visitors to sea, or on coastal walks, to watch our wildlife. For others, watching wildlife is purely a hobby or part of a family outing. We all need to know how to act responsibly around wildlife. We need to be aware of it and understand how our actions may affect wildlife so that we can minimise any disturbance that we may cause.

Click here to download a copy of the Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code. The Code is complemented by A Guide to Best Practice for Watching Marine Wildlife which contains more detailed information on marine wildlife around Scotland.

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